Capturing the essence of an event takes more than extraordinary photo skills. It requires an experienced event photographer with the talents to know where to be, how to frame it, and when to shoot for the best possible results. It's more about the vision behind the camera than the flash and glass.


Aardvark Communications has an eye for events. We do our homework before we ever show up. How many people are expected? Who are the key players that must be included in photos?


What will be the primary usage of the photography after the event?


Our team of veteran photographers has shot under virtually every imaginable condition. Indoors and out. From extreme heat to shutter freezing cold…and even in torrential rain…we bring back attention-grabbing shots to tell your unique story.


Koenigsegg Dallas Debut


Texas Rangers Triple Play Game Show Spectacular

Hawaiian Falls Ice Dump

Yoga in Sundance Square


McLaren GT Unveil

15th Annual III Forks Golf Classic

2019 Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase kickoff at MarineMax

Hawaiian Falls Bow Wow Pow Wow

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